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Goodbye Gymkhana, Hello Smart Riding.

Hiroyuki Kobayashi loves "Moto Gymkhana" very much. Because it has the following excellent features.
* Even beginner rider can feel free to participation,
* Participation with non-remodeled normal vehicles,
* It is an intellectual game that derives optimum riding that makes full use of the features of motorcycles,
* It is a riding art that can give impression to viewers.

So, he established GRA in 1991 and started activities with the target of "Creating Gymkhana culture". And GRA has retained unprecedented achievements such as organizing numerous lecture events and practice events and organizing events of the GP series all over Japan.

However, recognition to social Gymkhana changed by influence of other organizers who hold different from GRA, so activities of GRA were greatly affected. The characteristics of their Gymkhana are as follows, and those are greatly different from GRA’s Gymkhana.
* It is a competition concerned only with the result,
* Hard course setting for beginner riders refusing to participate,
* Substantial remodeling is common sense for participation vehicle,
* Intellectual elements and artistic elements are lacking

Due to the above circumstances we decided to delete the word of Gymkhana from GRA’s activity targets. However, we will not forget the wonderful knowledge gained by GRA’s Gymkhana. So, we decided to develop our activity policy. That is to share the knowledge and experience gained by Gymkhana with more people than ever through the Internet.

The new activity theme is "a proposal of a fun and safe motorcycle life forever". It is a proposal to convey the pleasure and beauty of motorcycle riding to all riders in an easy-to-understand way, with the physical law of motorcycles, and we believe this will be useful for many people from city riding to touring riding.

We are looking forward to your interest in the future activities of GRA.

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