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ライディングには “ 愛 ” / Riding needs "Love"

オートバイの能力を発揮して安全を保つ為、一番重要な役割を担うタイヤへの「荷重」に注目して、「荷重」を適切に配分する “心” を説いた解説動画です。


This is an instructional video that focuses on the "load" on the tire, which plays the most important role in maintaining the motorcycle's ability and safety, and explains the "heart" of properly distributing the "load".
Most riding instructors and commentaries focus only on the rider's posture and shape, such as lean-with, eye contact, where to brake, where to pass, etc. However, the most important thing is definitely the operation of the motorcycle, especially the tires, to properly demonstrate its capabilities.

This article focuses on the "load" that determines the tire's ability to grip, and explains the similarities with a palanquin, referring to a video of "Trikhana" riding.


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