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世界の新型コロナウイルス禍、国別・日別 新規感染者数一覧(6月9日現在)/ COVID-19 new cases by country and day, As of June 9

【 全世界の状況 】




【 各国、各地域別の状況 】

また、感染者の増加傾向が続いている国は南部アフリカの国々です、特に、ナミビアでは 3週間前から感染報告が増え続けて深刻なレベルに入っており、それに影響された様に隣国の南アフリカも新規感染者数を増やしており、注視が必要な地域になっています。
そして、同様に注意が必要な地域が 西アジア(中東)で、バーレーンクウェートで深刻な状況が続いている他、高いワクチン接種率を誇っている UAE が ここ2週間で感染者が増える傾向を示しており、新規の “変異株” の存在の可能性を含めて注意が必要です。
更には、同様に高いワクチン接種率を誇り、一時の深刻な感染状況から奇跡的な回復を見せて、EU各国の状況と対照的な抑制に成功していた英国も心配な兆候を見せています。順調に新規感染者数を減らし続けて、日本と同程度の【感染密度】に迫っていたのですが、1週間ほど前から新規感染者の報告数が増え続けています。高いワクチン接種率との兼ね合いから考えて、新型の “変異株” による影響が懸念される状況と推察されます。

New infection case transition table by country and day










Although the media is saying that the disease is still spreading, if you look at the number of new infections worldwide, the number of new infections is definitely decreasing, and the world is moving in the direction of infection control. However, not all countries are experiencing the same decrease. Some countries are reporting a large number of infections on a daily basis, while others are seeing a sudden increase in the number of new infections after the disease was once under control.

The countries in South America are the ones where many people are reported to be infected every day. In particular, Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, and Colombia continue to be severely infected, and are among the regions where vaccination through COVAX should be actively promoted.
South Africa is also on the rise, especially Namibia, where reports of COVID-19 have been increasing for three weeks, and neighboring South Africa is also increasing the number of new infections. Similarly, West Asia (Middle East), Bahrain and Kuwait continue to face serious conditions, and the UAE, which boasts a high vaccination rate, has been increasing in the past two weeks.
Moreover, Britain, which boasts similarly high vaccination rates, has miraculously recovered from a time of serious infection, and has succeeded in containing the situation in the EU, is showing signs of concern.The number of new infections has been decreasing steadily, approaching the same [infection density] as in Japan, but the number of new infections has been increasing since about a week ago.Considering the high vaccination rate and the high vaccination rate, it is presumed that there are concerns about the impact of the new strain.

なお、情報出典元の OCHA とは「国際連合人道問題調査事務所」の事です

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