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NPO法人GRA ( ),オートバイにいつまでも楽しく安全に乗れる環境作りと    人材育成を目標にしている NPO法人:GRAのブログです


鈴鹿サーキット内の、運転技術の研修を行なう 鈴鹿サーキット交通教育センターを利用して行なった、一泊二日の『鈴鹿合宿』でのトレーニング映像です。


"Suzuka training camp" held by GRA for two days from June 22 to 23, 1996.

This is a video of a special training event, which is a riding course event held several times a year by THE NPO GRA at the Transportation Education Center of Suzuka Circuit, using the course and vehicle of the facility, with GRA's own curriculum over two days.
The biggest feature of this event is that the content is so substantial that you can not usually experience at all, such as slalom practice using a dedicated area, brake practice, trial running practice on uneven ground.



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