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動画編集を再開、しかし... / I have resumed video editing, but...


I've been slowly recovering from my extreme illness, so I've recently started editing videos again, but things aren't going as well as I'd hoped.


記録を確認すると、2022年、約2年前で動画の作成は止まっていました。それ以前からかなりハードな作業を自分自身に課し続けて、徐々に息切れを感じ始めていた頃です。2023年になり、事務局(住居)移転計画に注力していた頃、心不全で入院する程になり、7月に引越しはしたものの、定期的に発作は続くため、完全に療養モードに切り替えざるを得ず、最近になり、少しずつ PC作業を増やしていく中、動画編集再開に挑戦したのですが ...失敗だらけです。
屋外での路面清掃活動は身体にとってはストレスで、体調不良や発作の原因になりますが、PC作業も 意外に大きなストレスになっている事を発見しました。特に、記事や解説図作成など、創造的作業が連日続くと、耐える「耐力」が不足していて、身体の症状に表われるのに手を焼いています。 でも、回復させる楽しみは覚えてきたので、身長に、ストレスにならない様に、少しずつ作業量を増やして、やっと動画編集まで辿り着いたのです。 が、やってしまいました。 失敗してしまいました。2本の動画編集を同時に進めていたのですが、片方の動画を保存の際、誤って残りの片方に “上書き” 保存してしまったのです。 はい!、苦心して進めた編集作業の成果が消えてしまいました。



In 2023, when I was focusing on planning the relocation of the office, I was in such a bad condition that I was hospitalized with heart failure. Although I moved in July, I continued to have regular attacks, so I switched to a complete recuperation mode. Recently, as I gradually increased my PC work, I tried to resume video editing, but I failed a lot.

Outdoor street cleaning activities are stressful for the body and cause poor health and attacks, but I discovered that PC work is also a surprisingly big stress. In particular, when creative work such as writing articles and explanatory diagrams continues day after day, I lack the "endurance" to endure, and I am having trouble with the physical symptoms. However, I have learned the fun of recovering, so I gradually increased the amount of work so as not to stress myself, and finally made it to video editing. But I did it. I failed. I was editing two videos at the same time, and when saving one video, I accidentally "overwrote" the other one. Yes! The results of my painstaking editing work have disappeared.

This is also a lesson to be learned. When working at the edge of your capabilities, you need to be mindful of the risks. Now, without regretting the lost edited video, I am working on it when I'm feeling better, aiming to make an even better video than the last time.
Please look forward to it.