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第4回 路面清掃の報告です / Report on the 4th Park Cleanup

赤穂交通公園の 第4回目となる路面清掃の結果を報告します。そして、今回、学んだ事は『エントロピー増大の法則』です。

We would like to report the results of the 4th road cleaning at Ako Traffic Park. What I learned this time is "Second law of thermodynamics".

『 作業報告 / Work Report 』

今回の清掃現場は、前回までの 3回と同様に、中央交差点付近で、芝や草が路面を覆うように勢力を伸ばしている箇所です。

As with the previous three cleanings, the cleaning site this time was near the central intersection, where grass and grass had spread to cover the road surface.


As a result of long-term neglect, grass has grown over the curb and invaded the road surface, collecting dirt and sand at its roots and creating a slope. Furthermore, they spread their roots to the cracks in the road surface and spread their power like a green belt to the curb on the opposite side of the road.

今回の作業エリアの大きさは、前回と同じく縁石沿いに 約 12m なので、前回の作業時間 4時間を切る! のが目標です。さあ、どうでしょうか?

I decided on a target time to defeat such a formidable opponent.
The work area this time is about the same size as last time, so my goal is to take less than 4 hours from the last time. Now what will happen?

作業が終わりました。そして、作業時間ですが、目標タイムを大幅に短縮して、約 3時間30分のベストタイム(?)を記録しました。 少しずつ 作業の段取りが進歩している事の証明でしょうか。

The work is finished. In terms of work time, we significantly shortened the target time to approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes. Is this proof that the work setup is progressing little by little?


エントロピー増大の法則 / Second Law of Thermodynamics 』

そんな 今回の作業で体験したのが 「エントロピー増大の法則」です。
この法則は、「自然界の物事は、意図的な処理を行なわない限り、より複雑な方向へと変化して、自発的に元に戻る事はない」という自然法則ですが、今回、それを証明する出来事があったのです。というのは、清掃作業の存在を知って、自ら必要な道具を準備して、作業に参加してくれた人が現れたのです。つまり、一人から二人へと “複雑さ” が増えたのです。更に、作業された場所は僕が行なったのとは別な場所で、使う道具も異なっているなど、正に、自然に “複雑さ” が増したので、思ってもいない形ですが、「エントロピー増大の法則」を証明する事が出来た一日になったのです。


"Second Law of Thermodynamics" is a law of nature that states that "things in the natural world will change in a more complex direction and will not spontaneously return to their original state unless they are intentionally processed." Something happened to prove that. In fact, this time, someone showed up to participate in the cleaning work. He learned about the cleaning work and came prepared with the necessary equipment, and the work was done in a different place than I was and the tools used were different, so it was a very natural experience. As the "complexity" increased, we were able to prove the "law of increasing entropy" in an unexpected way.

I don't know how things will change in the future, but I'm sure that through the work I do, changes will continue to occur little by little, in ways that are invisible to the eye.

『 今後の見通し / Future Outlook


現在は、芝や草の除去を先行して進めていますが、恐らく 20年以上、清掃をされていない路面ですから、コース全面に小石や砂が厚く撒かれている様な状態です。だから、当初は 90時間でコース全面の清掃を想定しましたが、それは恐らく無理でしょう。けれど、やるしかありません。
そして、コース全面は無理でも、一部のエリアの清掃が済めば、簡単な ライディング講習やクリニックも開催できるでしょうし、お孫さんを連れて 自転車の練習に利用されているお爺さんにとっても安心材料が増えると信じています。

We are currently removing the grass first, but since the surface has not been cleaned for more than 20 years, the entire course is covered with a thick layer of pebbles and sand. So, we initially planned to clean the entire course in 90 hours, but that may not be possible. But we had no choice but to do it.
And even if we can't clean the entire course, if we can clean the area around the central intersection area, we can hold simple riding lessons and motorcycle clinics, and I believe it will be a relief for the grandfathers who bring their grandchildren to practice their bicycles.


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書類手続き、楽しみました / I enjoyed the Paperwork


I submitted the documents to the prefectural government and the Legal Affairs Bureau the other day, but later I was pointed out errors in the preparation of the minutes and other documents, so today (April 15), I submitted them again.




After all, it is stimulating to face the person in charge directly and check each document one by one while submitting it, and I am convinced that this stimulation is the reason I enjoy it.

Perhaps I am someone who will lose a great deal of enjoyment if government offices are completely transformed into DX (Digital Transformation).


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「トラクションコントロール」について / About ’Traction Control'

MotorTrend 発、Why Do Modern Car Companies Make It So Hard to Turn Off Traction Control?

この記事は、多くの車やオートバイで採用されている「トラクションコントロール」、その作動を解除させる方法が面倒な理由について、多少、懐古的に書かれた記事です。が、電動車が普及すれば、「トラクションコントロール」は標準装備になり、一部の ICE(内燃機)車だけに OFF機能が残るだけになるでしょう。

This is a somewhat nostalgic article about the ``traction control'' used in many cars and motorcycles, and why it is so troublesome to disable it. However, if electric vehicles become popular, ``traction control'' will become standard equipment, and only some ICE (internal combustion engine) cars will have an OFF function.

既に、車線逸脱警報装置や自動ブレーキなどが、乗用車だけでなくオートバイやトラックにも標準装備されている時代。「トラクションコントロール」機能も多くの車やオートバイで標準装備されており、同時に “OFF” ボタンも存在していますが、それを多用させない為の様々な儀礼的なペダルやシフト操作を求めている高性能車への反感を、この筆者の様に、持つ人も居るでしょう。

簡単に OFF 出来ない理由は、多用による機械的な故障への保証問題を回避したい事や、事故発生時の保証回避などがあるでしょう。しかし、「トラクションコントロール」の機能自体、空気と燃料、時には AT まで制御しなければ、駆動輪のスリップを抑えられない ICE(内燃機)搭載車での話です。

電動車であれば、駆動輪のスリップを 1/1000 秒単位で検知して、スリップが過大な場合には、同じレスポンスで モーターへの電流を細かく制御を必ず行なう事になります。 だから、現在、高性能車でも軽自動車でも、パワーステアリングの OFF ボタンが無い様に、いずれ、ICE 高性能車であっても、トラクションコントロールに OFF ボタンは付かないのが常識になるでしょう。

If it is an electric vehicle, the slip of the drive wheels will be detected in 1/1000 second increments, and if the slip is excessive, the current to the motor will be fine-controlled with the same response. Therefore, just as there is no OFF button for power steering in both high-performance and light cars today, it will eventually become common sense that even ICE high-performance cars will not have an OFF button for traction control.


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私は、路面清掃をします / I will Cleanup the Road





On the coming Sunday, April 14, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m., I will be cleaning the streets of Traffic Park in Ako.

Spectators are welcome. However, the event may be canceled without notice due to weather or other circumstances at the facility.

The traffic park is a public facility. We want to keep it in a safe and pleasant condition for many people to use.


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1年前の目標・イメージ / Goal Image from 1 Year ago

ちょうど 1年前、引越し先をこんなイメージで探していました。

Just a year ago, I was looking for a place to move to with this image in mind.
I ended up getting sick unexpectedly, but thanks to you, the road environment and buildings turned out almost as I had imagined.
Now all I have to do is recover my health and take advantage of this environment.


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改めて、楽しみます / I'll Enjoy it Again




The other day (3/29), I talked about how I was looking forward to submitting some documents that are essential for an NPO to the prefectural office and the Legal Affairs Bureau, and once again, I am looking forward to it. There were errors in some of the documents I submitted, and both the prefectural office and the Legal Affairs Bureau asked me to make corrections.

The person in charge at the prefectural office has been in charge of the matter for many years, and they receive detailed feedback via email, so it seems like it would be a relatively simple fix, but the Legal Affairs Bureau is different. Masu. First of all, we do not respond to emails at all.
But it's okay. The person who pointed this out to me this time was more thorough and explained in an easy-to-understand manner than the person at the counter when I submitted the documents the other day.

All five documents submitted to the Legal Affairs Bureau must be submitted by creating a document called a "letter of withdrawal," and then once they are returned, submit new documents with no errors on the spot. I'm still low on energy right now, but I'm looking forward to meeting each of you and my energy level will rise.
Well, I'll report again.


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第3回・路面清掃の報告です / Report on the second round of Park cleaning

先日、公表していた通り、4月5日(金)に、赤穂交通公園の路面清掃をしましたので、その様子を画像と一緒に報告します。そして、今回の作業で学んだ事は “比例の法則” でした。

As we had announced earlier, on Friday, April 5, we cleaned the road surface of Ako Traffic Park, and here is a report with images of the cleanup. And what we learned from this work was the "law of proportionality."

今回の清掃箇所は、上の画像の赤いラインで示した箇所。今回も、路面へと侵略を試みている、いや、既に侵略してしまっている芝や草の撤去が一番のテーマです。というのも、路面の小石や砂もオートバイを転倒へと誘う “やっかい者” ですが、芝や草の方がはるかに深刻だからです。なぜなら、掃いてもどいてくれないからです。
さあ、今回こそ要領よく、縁石沿いに 約 12mほど、短時間で済ませたいものです。

The area to be cleaned this time is indicated by the red line in the image above. Again, the main theme was to remove the grass and weeds that had invaded the road surface. The area is about 12 meters along the curb, and this time we hope to do the job in a timely manner and in a short time.


長年、充分な路面保全がされていないという事は、利用頻度が下がるにつれて路面清掃の頻度が下がり、使用したい人がいても、良好な路面ではないから使用を控えて、更に路面清掃がされないという悪循環があったと思うので、それを変えたいのです。そして、利用する市民が増えれば、利用した人にメリットがあるだけでなく、保全の為に一定の費用を割いている市の行政側にもメリットがあるのは間違いありません。そして、例え路面全面改修などがされなくても、市の施設として存続の対象になる可能性は大きくなり、それは、公園を活用したいと考えている僕にとってもメリットになります。だから、今は、まるで ラピュタの様な状態ですが、可能な限り磨きあげたいのです。

At the entrance of the park, we set up a banner so that drivers passing by the park can see it, and we decided to make an appeal that people are using the park and cleaning it up. The reason for this is that the park has not been adequately maintained for many years, and few people use it, and it has become a forgotten place. If the number of users increases, it will be a great benefit to me because it will be an insurance policy for the city to continue to operate the facility.



The place I chose for this project is also a high pool of dirt and sand, with plants taking root in it, attracting more dirt and sand, and just the thought of riding a motorcycle on such a surface is nothing but a horror. And it is the same with the grass that has its roots in the soil that has accumulated in the cracks in the road surface. Their roots are so powerful that we have no choice but to remove them, as they will definitely make the cracks bigger if we do not remove them.


下の画像では、路面を走る “黒い筋” が見えると思いますが、それが、芝や草たちが退去して(させられて)できた溝です。そんな溝でも、ミニシャベルを使って器用(?)に除去するテクニックは身に付きましたが、手間が掛かりました。

Now, finally, we have removed the turf and grass that had invaded beyond the curb to the road surface. And what took a surprisingly long time was the removal of the turf and grass growing in the cracks of the road surface. In the image, you can see the "black streaks" running along the road surface, which are the ditches where the turf and grass were growing densely.

そして、作業を終えて、時計を見て学んだ事が “比例の法則” です。
第1回目が 縁石沿いに 約 3mで 約 1.5時間、そして、今回が 4時間。 多少効率良くなっていますが、作業範囲の広さと所要時間はほぼ比例するという事を学びました。

After finishing the work, I looked at the clock and learned the "law of proportionality. The first time, it took about 1.5 hours for about 3 meters along the curb, and this time it took 4 hours. We have learned that the time required is almost proportional to the size of the area to be worked on.
But we will not lose to the weeds. Please look forward to the next results.


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