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移転後2ヶ月、現状報告します / "Rekport two months after the relocation"

7月下旬、引越しを行なってから 2ヶ月が経ちました。
『 体調 / about Physical Condition 』
7月23日、神戸から赤穂へと、事務所兼自宅と機材を保管しているガレージを移転させてから、早いもので 2ヶ月と一週間が経ち、最大の懸念事項である体調は徐々に回復している事を最初に報告します。
引越し直後は、疲れが溜まったのでしょう、二日に一回は発作が起きて、半日以上寝込む日々が続きました。が、体調回復を第一にして、睡眠と食事、そしてストレスと疲れを溜めない生活を心掛けて来た成果でしょうか、最近では 一週間に一回程度の発作頻度になっています。これからも、発作解消の為に、仕事作業を抑え、休息を多くとる生活を続けますが、徐々に事務局作業を増やしていく予定です。

Immediately after moving, I must have been so tired that I had a seizure every two days and was in bed for more than half a day. However, perhaps as a result of putting my health recovery first, sleeping, eating well, and living a life that is stress-free and fatigue-free, my attacks have recently decreased to about once a week. I will continue to work less at work and get more rest in order to relieve my seizures, but I also plan to gradually increase my office work.

『 ガレージ / about Garage 』


これでようやく、適切な整備を施して車両を走らせるが出来ますので、“クリニック” や “ガレージ持込み講座” の開催や、“整備動画” の撮影などの下準備が整いました。

The garage is an important place that is used not only for storing equipment and vehicles, but also as a photography studio for disseminating information. As shown in the image, the space has been renovated to include ample maintenance space and a lot of lighting that is essential for photography, allowing us to host "clinics", "garage classes", and shoot "maintenance videos". The preparations are now complete.


『 今後の予定 / Future Plans 』
公式Webサイトへの記事の掲載や “セミナー” などのイベント開催については、以前の様に積極的に行ないたい気持ちで一杯ですが、全ては体調の回復に合せて、徐々に行なっていく事をご了承ください。

Regarding the publication of articles on the official website and the holding of events such as "seminars", we are full of the desire to actively carry out as before, but please note that everything will be done gradually as you recover your physical condition.

『 質問・リクエスト / We are looking for Questions and Requests 』
We are looking forward to receiving your questions and requests for motorcycle-related articles. We are more than happy to receive "questions" and "requests" from everyone, so we will respond to them with the highest priority. We look forward to hearing from you, so please do not hesitate to contact us.


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