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Q&A『 硬すぎる? リア スプリング / Too Stiff? Rear Spring 』


This article is a must for anyone driving a litre-class touring motorcycle or a middle-class or larger supersport motorcycle.


Since the late 1990s, due to revisions to the driver's license acquisition system, many large cars with an engine displacement of over 1,000cc and super sports motorcycle aimed at high ratings on circuit tracks have been sold.
However, due to differences in the weight of the rider, the number of passengers, the weight of the load and the expected speed range, we have seen many cases where the suspension design is not optimal for driving on ordinary roads and highways in Japan with only one passenger.
One of the people who purchased such a motorcycle asked us, `Are the rear springs stiff?The rear suspension doesn't move much.''We have published a detailed answer to that question. If you're thinking, ``I want to be able to handle it better,'' or ``I can't really feel the grip of the rear tires,'' please use this as a reference.


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