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ハブステア車両の潮流になるか / Will this be a new trend in hub-steering vehicles?

Cycle World 発、Ben Purvis 氏寄稿

三輪トライク車の製造販売で知られる Can-Am社が、提出した特許出願書類から、新たなハブステア機構の二輪車を計画している事が報告されています。

ハブステア機構の前輪サスペンションの特徴は、一般的なテレスコピック形式とは異なり、ブレーキ(制動)の力と路面追従の為の力とを分けて担当する機構とトレール量(方向安定性成分)の変化を押さえる設計によって、ブレーキング中でも路面追従性が高められる特徴がある事で知られています。 テレスコピック形式は構造の簡易さにトレール量変化設計のノウハウを得る事で広く普及していますが、一方で、剛性と安定性確保の面から来る限界が見えています。その為、ABS機構の普及と進歩が進んだ四輪車と同様に、二輪車も緊急制動時の操縦性が強く求められる時代には、今後注目される機構です。


Can-Am’s Hub-steered Motorcycle


The front wheel suspension of the hub-steer mechanism differs from the general telescopic type in that the braking and road-following mechanisms are separated, and the design suppresses changes in the amount of trail (directional stability component), resulting in excellent road-following performance even during braking. Known for its enhancing properties. And just like four-wheeled vehicles, where the advanced ABS mechanism is widespread, it is one of the mechanisms that are currently attracting attention in an era where maneuverability during emergency braking is strongly required.

However, due to the structure of the suspension and body frame and the method of installing the engine, it seems that they did not actively design the rigidity suitable for motor sports use. Like the three-wheeled trikes that are currently on sale, it will probably be a product of the company's design concept that is conscious of people who want to enjoy two-wheeled vehicles safely.



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