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GRA活動への「意見」「提案」を募集しています / We are looking for your opinions on GRA's activities.


We will hold a GRA meeting to gather your opinions and suggestions to enhance the activities of the GRA. If you are interested in the GRA activities, please take this opportunity to participate in the meeting or send us your opinions and suggestions by using the form below. For details of the meeting, please refer to the ’Announcement of the eventnformation'.


【 意見・提案の送付フォーム / Opinion and Suggestion Form 】

※ フォームの受付は 2月15日までとなります / Forms will be accepted until February 15


GRAミーティング 開催案内 / Announcement of the event

関連資料【 2023 活動報告 】/ 2023 Activity Report

2024 活動基本方針<案> / 2024 Basic Activity Plan Draft



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