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Actually, the other day I reported that I had done some cleaning work at the traffic park in the city where I currently live, and someone who saw it contacted me.


『 一つの言葉 』



『 交通公園 』

交通公園の由来は 1960年代にあります。その頃は、交通事故で亡くなる人が急激に増え、“交通戦争”という言葉が日常化していたのです。そして、その対策として、全国各地に模擬の交通施設を設置して、主に園児や小中学生を対象に安全教育を行なう活動が盛んになったのです。そういう安全教育活動の効果もあり、1970年代半ばにはピーク時の半分ほどに下がったのですが、恐らく、施設利用頻度も自然に少なくなり、今では多くの施設が廃止されたり放置されていると言われています。



『 One Word 』
He contacted me on social networking sites, saying, "I'll be there to help." I didn't know who he was because of his handle, but I responded, "Thank you very much. I responded, "Thank you very much, and if you get a chance, I would be happy to help.
It was just one word, but it made me happy. It was probably the person who attended the most events when the number of events was at its peak, so to think that someone who attended more than 20 years ago is still paying attention to GRA's activities makes me very happy indeed.

GRA is a non-profit organization (NPO), whose mission is to contribute to society. And the government is likewise an organization whose mission is to protect the lives of its citizens and nurture a prosperous society. We believe that our decision to offer ourselves to clean the city's facilities is connected to the fulfillment of our responsibility as an NPO to assist in areas that cannot be handled by the government.

『 Traffic Park 』
The origin of Traffic Park can be traced back to the 1960s. At that time, the number of people killed in traffic accidents in Japan was rapidly increasing, and the term "traffic war" was becoming commonplace. As a countermeasure, many safety education activities were conducted at mock traffic facilities around the country, mainly for kindergartners and elementary and junior high school students. The frequency of use of such facilities has naturally decreased, and it is said that many of them have been closed or are now abandoned.
It is socially meaningful to clean and use such facilities, where the road surfaces are dirty and turf is expanding its influence, and as a non-profit organization, we believe it is our true desire to help increase the number of people who share our desire to clean and use such facilities.

However, the person also asked me, "Are you feeling all right?" I was asked, "Are you feeling all right? Yes, it was only less than two hours of work, but the next day I was in a completely discharged state.  It is not easy to recover a body that was broken once last year. But I am grateful that you knew that I was in the hospital.
 We will continue the cleaning work on an irregular basis as needed, while keeping an eye on my health and the weather, but we do plan to hold some small events at some point in the future. Please, I hope there will be more than one person who will participate at that time.

That is all, I will report back on this matter.


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