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第2回・路面清掃の報告です / Report on the second round of Park cleaning


As announced recently, on Wednesday 27 March, I cleaned the road surface of the Ako Traffic Park, and I report on this event with images. The most important thing for us this time was that I felt that the earth is heavy after all.


This time, I planned a bigger clean-up area than last time, in the area indicated by the red line in the image above. But the park is much larger, and although it is rougher on the surface, we are starting with the areas that look the most troublesome.


今回は、前回の経験を活かして、路面へと大きく侵略している芝を、遠慮なく大胆にごっそりと ‘切り出す’ ようにして剥がす事に集中しました。

This time, I concentrated on using my previous experience to remove the turf that had largely invaded the road surface by boldly and unreservedly 'cutting' it out in chunks.

それにしても、大胆不敵な芝です。 公園が作られた時には路面上には土は無かった筈ですが、何故か、芝が侵略している所には土もたくさん溜めこんでいるのです。恐らく、20年以上は放置された結果でしょう。

Nevertheless, the turf is fearless. There should have been no soil on the road surface when the park was built, but for some reason, where the turf has invaded, it has also accumulated a lot of soil. Probably as a result of neglect for more than 20 years.

見た目は軽やかな印象の芝ですが、実はとても重いのです。前回は、取り除いた芝をコンテナボックスに入れて、廃棄場所まで運ぶのが重くて大変だったので、今回は秘密兵器、コンテナ運搬用キャリーを持参しました。 それでも、コンテナ一杯で 恐らく 30㎏ 以上になり、それを 計6回ですから、200㎏ 近く運ぶ事になりました。 例え、草であっても土と水分が一緒ですから、とても重いです。だから、地球は重いのですね。

Although the turf looks light, it is actually very heavy. Last time, we had to put the removed turf in a container box and carry it to the disposal site, which was heavy and difficult, so this time we brought our secret weapon: a container carrier. Even so, a full container probably weighed more than 30 kg, and we had to carry it a total of six times, which meant we had to carry almost 200 kg. Even grass is very heavy because it contains soil and water. That's why the earth is heavy.

今回の作業箇所は、上の画像で路面の色が濃くなっている箇所です。縁石を超えて侵略した芝の他に、路面がひび割れた所から吹き出す様に広がっていた芝を、縁石沿いに 約9m の場所で除去しました。これで、作業時間は 3時間。まだまだ彼らの侵略場所は一面に広がっていますが、まだまだ続けますよ。

This work was carried out in the area where the road surface is darker in the image above. In addition to the turf that had invaded beyond the kerb, I removed turf that had spread to blow out from where the road surface had cracked, approximately 9 m along the kerb. This took three hours of work. Their invasion area is still all over the place, but we are still going on.



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