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Z900RS「持込み整備」開催決定 / Kawasaki Z900RS "Fine Maintenance" to be held!

オートバイをきちんと自分自身で整備したい人の要望に応える、妖怪ガレージ「持込み整備」企画に、カワサキZ900RS に乗る人から申込みがありました。

We received an application from a Kawasaki Z900RS rider for Yokai Garage's "Bring-in Maintenance" initiative, which caters to people who want to properly maintain their own motorcycles.


The maintenance requested is "body chiropractic." This is the basis of maintenance, which removes stress and distortion from the motorcycle body and corrects the body alignment as designed, allowing the vehicle to safely perform its original correct movement, maneuverability, and athletic ability.


開催日は 6月5日(水)で、結果報告 と オーナーリポート(感想文)は 約 2週間後になる予定です。 どうぞ、Z900(RS)に乗っている人はもちろんの事、オートバイを大切に、安全に乗り続けたいと願っている人は、是非、ご注目下さい。

The most distinctive feature of this "Fine Maintenance" is that the owner performs the maintenance themselves, based on their own understanding and judgment. Of course, we provide tools and equipment and advice, but it is not guaranteed that all of the above menu will be completed. However, maintenance performed with your own hands and head will definitely give you a lot of knowledge and experience, and you will undoubtedly acquire the knowledge necessary to continue riding your motorcycle safely and happily forever.


For more information about Yokai Garage's "Fine Maintenance" project, please see here.


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