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後輪の車軸のずれは、ホイールアライメントを乱す大きな原因です / Misalignment of the Rear Axle leads to Misalignment of the Wheels


For motorcycles, it is normal for the front and rear wheels to move in a straight line. In other words, the front wheel's center line and the rear wheel's center line should be perfectly aligned. However, in reality, the front and rear tires on most vehicles are not aligned. This impairs the motorcycle's inherent maneuverability, driving performance, and in some cases, safety.


If the wheel alignment is not correct, a force will act to align the front and rear wheels, forcing the vehicle to drive straight with a slight tilt, as shown in the figure below. Regardless of whether the rider feels it or not, it is an unbalanced state for the motorcycle, resulting in a difference in controllability between the left and right sides when cornering, increased rolling resistance, and lead to tread wear, which has a negative impact on safety.

後輪の車軸がずれる原因は 2つあります。1つ目は、車両メーカーで車体組み立ての際、前後のタイヤの整列(ホイールアライメント)の調整を厳密に行なっていない為で、同様に、ショップでのチェーン調整やタイヤ交換の際も調整していない為です。2つ目は、組み付けた後で、ドライブチェーンの作用によるものです。この不整列による悪影響を取り除く為には、【 前後タイヤの整列 】が必要です。また、リアタイヤ交換の際には、必ず、車軸(アクスルシャフト)の “遊び” 取りの作業が必要です。

There are two reasons why the rear wheel axle becomes misaligned. The first is that the alignment of the front and rear tires (wheel alignment) is not adjusted when the rear wheel is installed, and the second is due to the action of the drive chain after installation.


この「 前後タイヤの整列 」の簡単な確認方法と調整方法については、下記の公式Webサイトのページで解説していますので、参照して下さい。

Please refer to the official website below for an explanation of a simple way to check and adjust "front and rear wheel alignment"

【 前後タイヤの整列 / Wheel Alignment 】


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