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車体アライメント(前後タイヤの整列)解説記事の紹介です / We have created an article on vehicle alignment.

CB1300SB を所有しているから「車体アライメント」(前後タイヤの整列)について、改めて問合せを受けましたので、解説用の新しいイラストや表を添えて、より分かり易い記事を作成しました。

We have received some inquiries about "body alignment" (wheel alignment) from CB1300SB owners, so we have created a new article with new illustrations and tables to make it easier to understand.



Alignment means that the assembled parts are in the correct position where they should be, or that they are aligned to the correct position.
If you want to enjoy a fun and safe motorcycle life forever, please take a look at this page.


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