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車体アライメントがオートバイライフの基本 / Vehicle Alignment is the Foundation of Motorcycle Life


ートバイとライダーにとって大変に不幸な事ですが、僕が知る限り、日本では “車体アライメント(整列)” がとても軽視されています。例え、ライダーが乗り難さを感じても、旋回時の左右で挙動の違いを感じても、それを乗りこなすのがライダーの “腕” と広く信じられています。しかし、それは誤った考え方です。それはライディングの楽しさを減らし、オートバイの寿命を縮めるだけでなく、間違いなく危険な状態です。
もし、あなたが “いつまでも、楽しく、安全な オートバイライフ” を過ごしたいと願っているのなら、部品を交換してカスタムを楽しんだり、排気音に心地良さを感じる以前に、【 車体アライメント(整列)】に関心を持つべきです。

Unfortunately for motorcycles and riders, as far as I know, vehicle alignment is very overlooked. Even if the rider feels it is difficult to ride or feels a difference in behavior between the left and right when turning, it is widely believed that it is the rider's "skill" to ride it properly, which not only reduces the enjoyment of riding and shortens the life of the motorcycle, but is definitely a dangerous state.
If you want to have a "fun and safe motorcycle life forever", you should be interested in vehicle alignment before you enjoy customizing your motorcycle by replacing parts or enjoying the pleasant sound of the exhaust.


体アライメントとは、オートバイの様々な部品が、本来あるべき位置に正しく存在している事であり、正しい位置へと修正する事も意味します。例えば、直進走行中のオートバイでは、本来、前後のタイヤは一本の同じ線の上を通る様に設計されているのが[車体アライメント]です。同様に、フロントサスペンションの 2本のフォークも、本来、同じ平面上で平行に固定されるのも[車体アライメント]であり、それによって正しく機能して性能を発揮できる様になっています。


Vehicle alignment means that the various parts of a motorcycle are in the correct position as they should be, and also means correcting them to the correct position. For example, when a motorcycle is traveling straight, the front and rear tires are designed to pass on the same line, which is vehicle alignment. Similarly, the two forks of the front suspension are also fixed parallel to the same plane, which is vehicle alignment, so that they can function correctly and perform well. 

However, strictly speaking, vehicle alignment is not measured or managed on the manufacturer's production line, and tire change shops generally do not check or adjust vehicle alignment. As a result, regardless of whether the rider feels the deviation in vehicle alignment, the motorcycle is prevented from moving correctly. This affects the behavior of the motorcycle, shortens its lifespan, and even for the rider, reduces the enjoyment of riding and increases the danger of riding without them realizing it, so there is a need to spread awareness and understanding of the importance of this "vehicle alignment."

GRA will continue to deliver articles about vehicle alignment to those who want to cherish their motorcycle life, so please look forward to our future posts.


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